Vitruvian Consulting LLC serves the international development assistance community since 2011, primarily focusing on services targeting Northern Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). We believe development depends on the timely integration of solid technical solutions, efficient and effective management, and putting leadership of change in the hands of the people affected by it.

Based on experience and success managing international development programs and projects we understand the real-world needs of clients and can provide insightful advice, useful technical input and pertinent management support and policy advice with political sensitivity.

We take pride in providing practical support that combines understanding what works (evidence-based development assistance), focusing on the end-game (results-based program and project management) and doing the right thing (ethical, rights-based development).

Our work is built around a core set of services. These focus on building upon our clients’ strengths and integrating current knowledge and best practices in development, management and core technical knowledge.

  • Creative integration of technical and technological resources for real-world problem solving;

  • Building local management and technical expertise through capacity building for national cadres of social project and program managers, especially in the education and health sectors;

  • Analyzing and addressing implementation issues in complex development projects and programs;

  • Fostering institutional learning through participatory and consultative lessons-learning and external evaluation;

  • Assisting evidence-based project design; and

  • Providing specialized support in social policy and technology applications for social development.